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PRI contests Chapala election

July 13, 2012

Whether at a national, state or municipal level, there seem to be few gracious losers among Mexico’s politicians in post-election season.

Having lost by 5.25 percent of the vote, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Gerardo Degollado Gonzalez is contesting the result of the Chapala mayoral election. Alleging voting irregularities in 20 percent of polling booths, Degollado has called for the victory of National Action Party (PAN) candidate Joaquin Huerta Barrios to be annulled.

Degollado also complained that the “election was unfair and biased” because Alejandra Diana Arredondo Wilson, wife of Jalisco Electoral Institute (IEPC) President Tomas Figueroa Padilla, worked for the PAN from 2004 to 2006.

Ironically, Citizen’s Movement candidate Enrique Alfaro, who lost out to the PRI’s Aristoteles Sandoval in his bid for the state governorship, has accused Figueroa – a former friend of his – of bias in favor of the PRI. Spitting the dummy out, it appears, is a common occurrence across party lines.

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