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PRI wields the power in metro area

October 9, 2012

Newly elected mayors took office across Jalisco last Monday, with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) now dominant in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

The only part of the city not under PRI control is the municipality of Tlajomulco, where the Citizen’s Movement (MC) retained power following the popular tenure of Enrique Alfaro. Here are brief biographies for the five new metro area mayors, as well as their remarks and pledges upon beginning their three-year terms.


Ramiro Hernandez Garcia (PRI). Age: 58

Background: Studied agronomy at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) and economics of rural development at the Autonomous University of Chapingo; former federal deputy and twice Jalisco senator.

Day 1 quote: Promised to fight “the loss of identity” among Tapatios and create “a more evenly balanced city.”

Pledges: Improve living conditions in the historic city center; support the Creative Digital City project; and prioritize mobility, waste management, public safety and competitiveness.


Hector Robles Peiro (PRI). Age: 37

Background: Studied economics at the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM) and political science and public administration at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); former councilor and director of social and human development in Zapopan.

Day 1 quote: “The municipality must have a manageable debt …  I am against the idea of ​​creating more debt.”

Pledges: Reduce spending; improve public spaces; promote young enterprise; and start new social programs.


Alfredo Barba Mariscal (PRI). Age: 44

Background: Studied law at the UdeG; former state congressman for Lagos de Moreno, member of the state executive committee of the Federation of Workers and Campesinos, and secretary general of Tlaquepaque.

Day 1 quote: Promised to “lead a responsible, democratic and inclusive government.”

Pledges: Free uniforms and school supplies for children; free internet in all municipal offices and agencies; more police units; and more recreational areas.


Jorge Arana Arana (PRI). Age: 52

Background: Studied public and business administration at the UdeG; former councilor in Guadalajara and Tonala; also served as mayor of Tonala from 1998-2000.

Day 1 quote: “In recent years Tonala has been living the most complicated economic and political situation in its history and that is regrettable.”

Pledges: Pedestrianize Madero and Juarez streets; make the Cerro de la Reina 0more attractive and install a cable car to the town center; renovate nine neighborhoods and initiate an austerity plan.


Ismael del Toro (MC). Age: 36

Background: Studied law at the UdeG; former secretary general in Tlajomulco municipal government and served on editorial board of Milenio newspaper.

Day 1 quote: “Governing Tlajomulco is the most important responsibility and the most honorable job of my life.”

Pledges: Guarantee the supply of water to places currently without it; lobby for the creation of a sole commander of the metropolitan police force; and the construction of a third line of the “Tren Ligero” light-rail network leading to Tlajomulco.


Guadalajara: 1,494,134

Zapopan: 1,233,538

Tlaquepaque: 608,187


Tlajomulco: 416,552

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