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Dine on lion, crocodile or armadillo in 2013

December 31, 2012


For those sick of eating turkey or ham after Thanksgiving and Christmas, one Guadalajara business offers a more exotic range of meats perfect for spicing up dinner on New Year’s Day.

At Carnes Indomitus you can choose from an incredible collection of lamb, duck, venison, rabbit, pheasant, wild boar, bison, buffalo, crocodile, armadillo and even mountain lion, all certified by the Environmental Conservation Management Unit  (UMA).

The buffalo and bison comes from Tapalpa; the duck, lamb and some of the deer come from elsewhere in Jalisco; the crocodile and wild boar come from a farm in Sinaloa; and the mountain lion comes from a ranch in Queretaro, Indomitus owner Andres Rosas Rayon told the Reporter this week.

“Wild boar, venison and duck are the most popular meats,” he said, while mountain lion is the most expensive, at 955 pesos per kilo, ahead of armadillo and crocodile which each cost 650 pesos per kilo.

Indomitus runs a butcher’s shop and what must be the city’s most exotic taqueria at Tomas Balcazar 5466-A1 in Paseos del Sol, Zapopan. It also owns a store that sells frozen cuts (mountain lion and armadillo must be ordered in advance) in Local 5 of Plaza Cubo, located on Juan Palomar y Aires, between Ricardo Guiraldes and Naciones Unidos.

Finally, for those who prefer to eat out, meats from Indomitus are on the menu at La Bolognesa, on Leon Tolstoi 4990, on the corner with Avenida Patria (other local restaurants such as La Osteria 10 and Lula Bistro also serve some Indomitus cuts).

To contact Carnes Indomitus call (33) 3631-9941.

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