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City center makeover has accessibility in mind

January 7, 2013

From January 7, the municipal government will begin a project to make downtown Guadalajara more accessible to pedestrians and people with disabilities.

Guadalajara Mayor Ramiro Hernandez has pledged 36 million pesos from the municipal budget to fixing sidewalks and installing ramps and signs in the area between Juan Alvarez, Juan Diaz Covarrubias, Avenida Federalismo and Avenida La Paz. Hernandez said he later hopes to expand this area south-west, between La Paz, Federalismo, Niños Heroes and Enrique Diaz de Leon.

Local authorities will install nine sets of audio traffic lights, 19 Braille maps for the blind and six new stations where cyclists can leave their bikes. They will paint benches and railings, clean fountains and plazas, and remove public telephones, trash cans and benches that block the pathway of those in wheelchairs

The municipal government will also revamp five pedestrian crossings on Avenida Alcalde, at the intersections with Independencia, Hidalgo, Morelos, Pedro Moreno and Juarez; as well as repairing 15,000 square meters sidewalks on Colon, from San Francisco to the Santuario; on 16 de Septiembre, between Juarez and Prisciliano Sanchez; and on Juarez, from Ocampo to the Calzada Independencia.

The work will take place in two stages: from January 7 to March 25; and from April 8 to June 30.

A new commission has also been created to promote the city center as a place to live, invest and visit; clean up public spaces and monuments; evaluate, monitor and propose government plans for inclusive and sustainable renovation in the area; and improve citizen participation in local government decision making.

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