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No federal funds for digital city project

January 21, 2013

The federal government has not earmarked a single peso for Guadalajara’s ambitious Creative Digital City (CCD) project in its annual budget.

Announced early last year, the CCD will be built in the area around Parque Morelos and will house studios for film, television and video game production.

“We have no budget for infrastructure, we were asking for 500 million pesos for infrastructure in the Parque Morelos area and obviously we did not get a favorable response from the federal government,” said Guadalajara Mayor Ramiro Hernandez.

However, the final plan was not completed in time for the federal government to set aside resources and Hernandez remains confident of receiving funds in 2014 once the plans have been completed.

In the mean time, the state government will provide 100 million pesos for the project in 2013, ensuring a lack of funds does not entirely undermine the plans for development.

“It will not be delayed because in the state budget there are enough resources to begin work on the infrastructure,” said Jose Palacios Jimenez, state coordinator of economic policy.

Palacios also emphasized that the land for the CCD has already been secured, with the state government having bought the properties surrounding Parque Morelos during an ill-feted plan to build the Athletes Village for the 2011 Pan American Games there.

Groundwork in Parque Morelos will begin in two weeks’ time, with the municipal government having put forward 20 million pesos to kick-start the project. Workers will examine the site’s subterranean conditions as they prepare to lay fiber optic-cables and assess the existing power, water and drainage infrastructure.

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