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Toddler murdered on vacation in Sayulita

March 6, 2013

Sayulita, Nayarit

A two-year-old boy from Colorado was murdered, allegedly by his babysitter’s ‘drug-induced’ ex-boyfriend, at a rented vacaction home in Sayulita last Thursday.

The child’s parents, Randy and Jen Charrette, released a statement on Tuesday explaining that they had hired a Mexican woman and her 19-year-old daughter through their Canadian landlord to tend the house and babysit their sons, Axel and Kalden, aged two and seven respectively.

“On February 28th, the daughter, our babysitter, let her boyfriend into the walled property. She soon realized he was in a violent, drug-induced state. Out of fear, she locked herself in a bathroom, leaving Axel outside,” the parents said. “Kalden was inside playing games. The boyfriend, for reasons unknown, hurt Axel, then threw him in the pool, leaving him to drown.”

The babysitter, identified as Nancy Solorio, reportedly told the state police that she had seen her ex-boyfriend known as Carlos or “El Cholo,” come to the house and soon after she found Axel floating in the pool. The body was taken to the nearby San Francisco Hospital, where doctors said it showed signs of beating and sexual abuse, according to Spanish-language daily Vallarta Opina.

The parents described it as a “horrible” and “unimaginable” experience, adding that “the babysitter was arrested, eventually told the police what happened, and the boyfriend was subsequently arrested. They now face federal murder charges in Mexico City.”

The suspect was named by the Nayarit Attorney General’s Office as Eleodoro Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez or Carlos Roberto Tapia Sanchez, 30, a Guerrero native who was living in Sayulita.

Vallarta Opina cites the suspect’s police statement, in which he said he arrived at the property where his former girlfriend was babysitting at 11 a.m. Upon seeing Axel emerge from the swimming pool, the suspect said he abused him and then threw him back into the pool.

“Our contact at the State Department informs us that our case is Mexico’s number one priority right now,” the child’s parents said.

Having sold off most of their possessions and rented out their home in Ridgway, Colorado, Randy and Jen Charrete had driven down to Sayulita in early January for a vacation of at least three months. They were staying at Manuel Plascencia 16, in Sayulita’s Colonia Deportiva. The couple documented the time they spent there cycling, surfing, exploring the jungle and learning Spanish on Jen’s blog at

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  1. Colorado Family permalink
    March 7, 2013 02:46

    We were in Sayulita just days before this with our two year old, I am so sad for the family. My hear goes out to them.

  2. ashley pachomow permalink
    March 7, 2013 05:16

    My family and I have gone to Sayulita 2-3 times a year for almost 7 years now. We have never felt threatened in any way by the locals, or anyone. This is such a crazy tragedy that I am so sad to hear about. My heart truly hurts for this family, and I hope that TRUE justice is served to the guy who did this.

  3. March 7, 2013 23:23

    We were there when this happened although it had yet to be confirmed and we were really hoping it was a bad rumour. As we all know now it is not. I am sickined by this news and cant believe this happened. I wish the family all the strenghth in the universe to try and recover from their tragic loss. I joked about getting a nanny for our 4 yr old daughter while vacationing and am so glad i never actually did. Dont let your kids out of your site. The drug problem in Sayulita is growing. I will be thinking really hard about whether to return to Sayulita. i saw a lot of things that really changed my perseption….

  4. Lily Daz-Hanna permalink
    March 13, 2013 07:11

    The drug problem in Sayulita needs to be shut down!! This Murderer deserves the Death Penalty!!! ALL HUMAN BEINGS not just parents need to protect small children and stop the abuse of children from happening!! They deserve to Live!! and live in A HURT FREE WORLD!!! I have seen a lot of abuse from yelling to spanking to pulling a child by the ear or one arm in Mexico. Lacking education can’t be an excuse any more!! Foreigners and Mexican citizens need to stand up and fight for the rights of children.I am not a Pefect Mother and God knows I have made mistakes, but Trust me there is nothing I would not do for my child!! That means learn from my mistakes and be a better Mom and Person!! This news really Pisses me OFF!!!!!!! Just imagine if that were your child…My heart and prayers go out to the family and May Axel be in our thoughts and may his little body and beautiful soul REST IN PEACE!!!


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