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Governor enacts austerity measures

April 1, 2013

As one of ten austerity measures proposed by Governor Aristoteles Sandoval, the Jalisco government is selling 500 vehicles previously belonging to state officials.

Within the next two weeks, 244 cars will be auctioned off, including 34 luxury vehicles owned by former members of Emilio Gonzalez’s cabinet. The government aims to auction a total of 500 vehicles in order to raise funds for the state budget.

The only vehicles that will remain at the service of officials are those allocated for security and medical operations.

Other austerity measures affecting state officials will include the loss of complimentary cell phones and radios and medical insurance.

“There is no place in our government for those with an adequate salary who also demand that their luxuries be paid for with public money,” Sandoval said.

Obsolete or unnecessary furniture is also due to be auctioned off, while government workers will be encouraged to use email in order to reduce paper usage. The government will also begin using recycled paper when printing is necessary.

Any foreign travel will have to be justified and authorized by the comptroller, with a thorough and timely report subsequently submitted outlining the result of the trip and the benefits generated for the state.

The highest ranking officials will also donate ten percent of their salaries to a fund that will provide educational grants to underprivileged students.

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