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Residents using whistles to prevent crime

April 1, 2013

Fed up with the recent spate of muggings, burglaries and the theft of vehicles and auto parts in Guadalajara’s Colonia Americana, residents have devised their own security system to keep crime down.

A group of residents arranged to meet every 15 days to discuss anti-crime strategies, with the whistles having become one of the most effective actions.

Locals have taken to blowing on whistles whenever they notice suspicious sounds or movements, alerting neighbors to the danger while also warning the criminals that they have been rumbled. This has led to a drop in crime in the area around Avenida Chapultepec in the last three months.

The Department of Public Safety is not entirely satisfied by the local citizens’ use of whistles, because although it may prove effective in preventing crime, it also alerts the criminals and enables them to escape before police arrive on the scene. Instead, the authorities would prefer residents to call the police at the first sign of suspicion.

Neighbors are advised to exchange phone numbers so as be to alert each other to potential danger, as well as having on hand the number of the police officer assigned to their area.

Locals have also devised an effective warning system on online social networks. Concerned residents can join the Facebook group entitled Amigos Vigilantes Zona Chapultepec or follow the Twitter account @amigosvigilant for updates and warnings of any suspicious activity in the neighborhood and descriptions of the physical appearance of thieves and muggers

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