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Pet stores closed after animals found in unhygienic conditions

July 10, 2013

Zapopan authorities temporarily closed and then fined three branches of the Maskota pet store this week for failing to meet animal health and safety standards.

The Maskota stores in Plaza Patria, Plaza Andares and Plaza del Sol were closed last Friday for having sick animals on display, overcrowded enclosures and poor hygiene standards. Inspectors also noted a strong smell of animal excrement and found that the air conditioning was not functioning properly and there were no licensed veterinarians on the premises.

In response to the closures, Maskota issued a statement maintaining that such action was unwarranted and that its stores have complied with all regulations since they first opened. Having demonstrated that it is now meeting the requisite standards, the chain had to pay a fine of 31,043 pesos for each of the three stores before they could be reopened on Wednesday.

The same problems were also detected at two Maskota stores at Plaza Belenes and Niños Heroes, which were closed for maintenance this week, although the Guadalajara municipal government took no action against them.

In light of the alleged mistreatment of animals in the Maskota stores, both in Guadalajara and Mexico City, animal rights activists have launched a boycott and are campaigning for the permanent closure of all Maskota branches across Mexico.

Thousands of Twitter users denounced the the store last week using the hashtag #CerremosMaskotaMexico (Let’s close Maskota Mexico), while the group “Denuncia a Maskota” has amassed over 28,000 followers on Facebook since its creation on June 22.

Organizations such as Latidos Caninios, Por la Paz Animal, Patitas Callejeras and the notorious “hacktivist” group Anonymous Mexico are leading the boycott, while the likes of Mexican rock band Café Tacuba and Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) deputy Fernando Belaunzaran have also lent their support via Twitter.

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  1. July 11, 2013 15:31

    Reblogged this on LONDON ENGLISH ACADEMY GDL.

  2. Marcia pratt permalink
    May 21, 2014 01:35

    It seems that Mexicans place no value on the life of animals. They starve them, never get them fixed even when it is free. Just no respect for dogs. Very sad


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