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Family beheaded in horrific machete attack

September 9, 2013

A family of four and a teenage worker were brutally murdered at their home in San Juan de Ocotan in northwest Zapopan on Sunday morning.

Six men armed with machetes broke into the house at around 10 a.m., hacked the five victims to death and then cut off their heads, local authorities revealed.

The victims were identified as Simplicio and Antonia Hernadez Hernandez, aged 36 and 32 respectively; their children Victor Eduardo and Hector, aged 16 and 14; and Jerson Velazquez Linares, 15, who was reportedly working at the home. Originally from Huejutla, Hidalgo, the family lived at Andador 12 de Octubre, near the crossing with Avenida Inglaterra.  They made a living by selling fruit at a roadside stall.

On the morning of the attack Simplicio Hernandez had been involved in an argument with his brother, according to his wife’s sister. She alleged that the brother then returned with five accomplices to carry out the massacre.

Neighbors confirmed seeing six assailants arrive at the home in a white van and then alerted the municipal police after hearing repeated screams for help and music played at full volume. The suspects left before the police arrived and reportedly took the family’s green Ford Lobo F-15 with them.

The Jalisco Prosecutor General’s Office (FGE) has taken charge of the investigation and forensic experts soon arrived at the home to examine the crime scene, where they found a machete lying beside the mother’s corpse and a knife grasped in vain by one of the fallen children.

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