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Mother arrested for abandoning newborn child

September 29, 2013

Zapopan police detained a feckless mother on Saturday for leaving her baby boy in a vacant yard just hours after giving birth.

The child was discovered when passersby heard crying coming from the empty lot in Zapopan’s Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood at around 3 p.m. Friday. They found the baby wrapped in a towel among the shrubs and took him to a nearby home where they called the police.

The child was taken to the Zapopan General Hospital, where doctors pronounced him in good health, aside from minor bruising – most likely the result of being left on the hard ground. Nurses named the boy Leonardo after the Saint of the day.

The mother, Maria Guadalupe Alba Leaños, 28, was arrested on Saturday in the nearby Agua Blanca neighborhood. She admitted to having abandoned the child just hours after giving birth early Friday morning.

Alba said that the baby was the result of a rape and admitted that she should have given him up for adoption. Prior to “Leonardo,” she had four other children: three of whom live with their grandmother and a fourth who was given up for adoption, Televisa reported.

Alba was arrested after a sister-in-law alerted the police and accused her of having left other babies in the same spot in the past. She is now in the custody of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which is investigating the allegations against her.

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