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Champions League, we’re havin’ a laugh!

March 10, 2011

OK, so this blog was supposed to be vaguely Latin America related, but I witnessed a historic (albeit goalless) game at the Lane last night, so that’s what you’re getting for the first post.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Kin’ hell, not another gloating, Mexican-themed Tottenham Hotspur fansite. But deal with it, yeah. This is important stuff.

Our Champions League novices only went and deposed seven-time European Champions AC Milan, thus booking a place among the last eight of Europe’s elite. And I was right there, seated in row one.

This was the biggest game the Lane has seen since long before I was born, and the place was buzzing. It was easily the best atmosphere I’ve witnessed here – especially for a 0-0 draw – the highlight being chants of “Are you watching Arsenal?” when the whistle blew for full-time.

After Crouchy’s precious away goal at the San Siro all we had to do was park the bus in the home leg. But since when has Spurs’ defence been strong enough to even attempt such a feat?

In a tense game we sat back a tad too deep, which left us hemmed in at times, but at least we managed more than the Arse’s zero shots on goal.

The atrociously nicknamed Aaron “Azza” Lennon was our best outlet, although our tactic of punting it up to Crouchy was about as subtle as a Genero Gattuso headbutt to the face. It was probably best that Gattuso was suspended, as last week’s Old Firm would have been nothing compared to the Glaswegian welcome that Toothless Joe Jordan surely had in store for him.

It may not have been a swashbuckling epic like the 4-3 and 3-1 games versus Inter, but instead we witnessed an unexpectedly mature and disciplined display, led heroically by William Gallas – the best free transfer since Solzeer Jeremiah Campbell went the other way across North London.

In short, this was an uncharacteristically solid defensive performance. Very Italian from our ‘Arry.

It was great to see the legend that is Clarence Seedorf showing that he’s far from past it, but our midfield enforcer Sandro was undoubtedly man-of-the-match. He’s taken a few months to adapt to English football, but this was a second towering performance against the Rossoneri from the young Brazilian.

But wait a minute, what’s happened to the old Spurs? Haunted by years of underachievement and nightmare memories of lasagne-gate, I keep expecting us to bottle it every time we make an inch of progress.  The Tottenham I know are the team that just shipped six goals against Blackpool and Wolves, not some imposter side that keeps consecutive clean sheets against the leaders of Serie A.

With Bale approaching full fitness there are signs for real optimism again. Hell, even the perennially crippled Sir Ledley was back on the bench after about six months out. The year ends in a one, so basically we’re definitely on the way to Wembley. Unless we get drawn against Barca. Or maybe Madrid. And Man Utd. But we’ll take the rest, easy son.

As Bruce would say, these are glory days at the Lane once again.

Next time I post something maybe it will be a bit more relevent to whatever it is I’m supposed to be writing about. But this was aight, wasn’t it?

Besides, someone needs to be here to record this stuff, just in case it’s not actually real. Tottenham can’t really be beating AC Milan in the Champions League, can they? What if us Spurs fans are just blissfully ignorant extras in an above par Matrix sequel? Or maybe Jermaine Jenas wet dreamt this all up and we’re mere figments of his imagination, forever entrapped in his deepest fantasies? Ergh, no. Too far.

Well, whatever’s going on, long may it continue. Bring on the quarter-finals.

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