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Access restricted to snow-capped volcano

February 17, 2012

Having been closed last weekend due to heavy rain and snowfall, access to the Nevado de Colima national park was opened up to 4×4 vehicles only as of midday Sunday.

Living up to its name, the 4,260-meter Nevado de Colima is covered in a thick white blanket of snow, the result of a cold front that saw local temperatures plummet last week.

An inactive volcano (not to be confused with the active Volcan de Colima five kilometers to the south) the Nevado de Colima is a popular tourist attraction, being the only place in this part of Mexico to see regular snowfall. Snow aside, the pine-clad peak is a popular destination for camping, hiking, climbing and mountain-biking.

The Jalisco Civil Protection Unit (despite its name, the volcano lies on the Jalisco side of the border with Colima) encourages visitors to come equipped with suitable clothing for cold weather. Visitors are also recommended to ascend the volcano before midday and begin their descent by 6 p.m. at the latest.

The Nevado de Colima is a two-and-a-half hour drive from Guadalajara. To get there take Lopez Mateos south out of the city and drive toward Colima. Turn off on the Carretera Libre to Ciudad Guzman. There, follow directions to the Parque Industrial Zapotlan and continue on that road until you see a sign for the national park’s main entrance.

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