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Hasta luego! 132 prisoners walk out the front door

September 21, 2012

Contrary to widespread reports, 132 inmates did not tunnel out of a Coahuila prison on Monday; instead they simply walked out the front door.

Upon recapture, three of the escapees told authorities they left through the main entrance of the Piedras Negras facility, state police chief Jorge Luis Moran and Attorney General Homero Ramos Gloria revealed on Thursday. The prisoners were met at the door by suspected members of the Zetas cartel who were waiting in pickup trucks.

Moran confirmed the existence of a seven-meter tunnel leading out of the prison, but said this was not used as the escape route. Authorities now believe the tunnel had been completed at least three months earlier and may have been used as a diversion or for smuggling contraband into the prison.

This is the latest in a number of large-scale jailbreaks in northern Mexico, where security is notoriously lax. When asked if there was footage of the escape, Ramos said “there are no cameras,” in the prison.

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