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Police chief felled in ‘revenge’ killing by ex-cop

January 28, 2013

The chief of Tlajomulco’s municipal police force was gunned down while eating breakfast in the town of San Sebastian, just south of Guadalajara, last Friday morning.

Francisco Chacon was eating at a food stall in front of a kindergarten when two men arrived on motorcycle and opened fire. Chacon’s companion returned fire, killing one of the assassins, while the other, later identified as Jose Alfredo Espinoza Guerrero, was arrested upon trying to escape.

State police found Espinoza in possession of the motorbike and a .45-caliber pistol which appeared to correspond to over 20 shell casings dispersed at the scene of the crime. Espinoza, 32, had worked under Chacon as a Tlajomulco police officer, but was recently fired after failing the evaluations that all state and municipal police officers are undergoing across Mexico.

Local media outlet Notisistema reported that Espinoza had since joined the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG). In captivity, Espinoza reportedly claimed that the killing was an act of revenge against Chacon, who, he alleged, was responsible for the murder of two municipal police officers in Tlajomulco’s Santa Fe neighborhood around two months ago.

A memorial service was held on Sunday, with the municipal government covering funeral costs and paying around 250,000 pesos in wages, life insurance and compensation to Chacon’s family.

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