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Congress to create migrant shelters?

February 13, 2013

The State Congress is considering a reform to welfare laws which would oblige the Family Development Agency (DIF) to create shelters for migrants passing through Jalisco.

National Action Party (PAN) Deputy Mariana Arambula Melendez, a member of the Jalisco Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ), said the bill, which was introduced in November, could be passed within the next two months.

Arambula said one of the greatest problems facing authorities is that they do not know how many migrants there are in Jalisco, so if the amendments are passed then the DIF and the CEDHJ would be charged with calculating the average flow of migrants through the state.

Most of the South or Central American migrants who pass through Jalisco and Guadalajara come via train en route to the United States. There is already one shelter for migrants in Guadalajara run by the civic group FM4 Paso Libre at Avenida Inglaterra 280-B in Colonia Moderna.

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