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Thief arrested after trying to sell stolen car to former owner

July 22, 2013

Police arrested an alleged car thief in Guadalajara this week after he inadvertently tried to sell a stolen vehicle to its former owner.

Having stolen a 1995 Volkswagen Derby in Tlajomulco, Enrique Paredes Zermeño, 59, then tried to sell it online. An interested party soon made contact and arranged with the suspect to meet in person to buy the vehicle.

Unfortunately for Paredes, the mystery buyer was in fact the car’s original owner. Upon verifying that it was indeed his car, the former owner then called the Ministerio Publico and had the hapless thief arrested.

Restaurant held up at gunpoint

A gang of armed thieves held up an Italian restaurant in Santa Anita at gunpoint earlier this month, stealing the valuables of everyone on the premises and then locking them in the bathroom.

Although authorities believe this to be an isolated case, robberies of this type were once common in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

To avoid being victimized, the Prosecutor General’s Office advises business owners to ensure they have good lighting both within and outside their properties. Likewise, in order to minimize risk, customers should not flaunt expensive jewelry, they carry only the amount of money they believe necessary and they should leave credit cards at home unless they plan to use them.

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