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US citizen spends 21 days living in Guadalajara airport

August 29, 2013


Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden was not the only one to spend time living in an airport lounge this summer.

In a story reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s movie “The Terminal,” U.S. citizen Brenda Janet Castro spent the last three weeks living in Guadalajara International Airport.

Castro, 34, arrived on August 5 to visit her grandparents, who apparently did not welcome the visit. She twice came close to flying home to Los Angeles, but decided to stay in the hope that her aunt would come to pick her up.

The airport staff allowed Castro to stay on the premises, as they had no reason to evict her, but eventually asked the U.S. Consulate to initiate the repatriation process after growing concerned for her health as she would rarely accept food.

Castro had arrived with three large suitcases and a sports bag, noted Spanish-language daily Mural, but was later seen with just one item of luggage. Mural speculated that she may have sold her other possessions in order to buy food.

After 21 days, this strange tale finally came to a conclusion on Monday night, when Castro’s aunt reportedly came to collect her and took her to her home in a nearby neighborhood.

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