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Child prostitution ring busted in Jalisco

October 23, 2013

Four people were detained in Guadalajara this week for their involvement in a child prostitution ring dismantled by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office (FGE).

The arrests were made after members of Guadalajara’s municipal police force stopped a man driving in a stolen BMW on 8 de Julio and Natividad Macias. He was caught in possession of 100 grams of crystal meth and in the company of two girls, aged 14 and 17, who confessed that they were members of a prostitution ring run by Ana Laura Vazquez Alvarez.

The FGE charged the driver and another man with soliciting prostitutes and corrupting under-age girls. FGE officers also arrested Vazquez, 24, who went by the name of Angeles, and stands accused of taking at least 15 adolescent girls into her home and arranging for them to have sex with clients.

Vazquez allegedly supplied the girls with drugs and alcohol at her home, where she dressed them and did their makeup, before phoning clients and agreeing for them to meet the girls at motels in the metropolitan area. A 20-year-old male taxi driver who allegedly transported the girls to and from the motels was also arrested.

The girls would receive 700 pesos for each session, Vazquez would take 300 and the driver would get 200, according to the FGE. Medical examinations of the victims revealed signs of drug addiction and harm by sexual abuse, the FGE added.

Vazquez reportedly told the FGE that she created the prostitution ring because she was tired of poorly paid bar work.

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