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Lesbians tie the knot in historic wedding

December 14, 2013


Zaira Viridiana de la O Gomez and Martha Sandoval Blanco made history on Saturday, becoming the first same-sex couple to marry in the state of Jalisco.

The lesbian pair had been due to wed at midday at the Guadalajara Civil Registry 1, but the ceremony was quietly brought forward to 8 a.m. because of threats from right-wing groups. Shouts of “Yes we could!” rang out as the married couple reappeared to greet the press, friends and family at noon.

“This paper symbolizes the dreams of many couples like us,” de la O said, proudly holding the marriage certificate aloft. “This is a step forward for all those that want to get married too. Now they know that it is possible. It’s not easy to win rights for lesbian women or gay men, but if you fight for it it can be done.”

The wedding brought an end to a nine-month legal battle, with de la O and Sandoval obtaining an injunction from a federal judge after the Civil Registry office refused to marry them in March.


The married couple will now continue to fight for the right to register Sandoval as parent to de la O’s daughter Sabina.

Gay marriage has not been officially legalized in Jalisco, despite recent legislation enhancing the rights of same-sex couples, but de la O and Sandoval’s wedding will set a legal precedent enabling others to also obtain injunctions to wed at the same registry office.

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