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Three bodies found in barrels of acid in Guadalajara bar

May 17, 2014

Firemen found three bodies partially dissolved in barrels of acid in a bar in downtown Guadalajara on Friday evening.

Having received complaints of a terrible smell emanating from the property, the firemen entered Bar Las Vegas at around 7 p.m. and forced their way into an upstairs room sealed with chains and padlocks. There they were greeted by the grizzly sight of three corpses, two of them submerged in 200-liter vats of acid.

The victims, all believed to be males aged 30 to 35, were in an advanced state of decomposition, with initial estimates indicating that they had been dead for at least 72 hours.

Located at Calzada Independencia 390, the bar was situated in a somewhat seedy area of Guadalajara’s historic city center, just one block from Parque Morelos, a park notoriously frequented by local prostitutes.

As it leaves no trace, decomposing bodies in acid has become an increasingly common means of disposing of corpses during Mexico’s bloody drug war. However, as this case illustrates, the stench can prove a dead giveaway.

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