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Investigators identify remains of one of Mexico’s 43 missing students

December 10, 2014

Following on from my live television debut last month, I went to Sky News again on Saturday to discuss the latest developments in the case of Mexico’s 43 missing trainee teachers. Shortly before I went on air it was revealed that independent forensic scientists had identified the remains of one of the missing young men, 19-year-old Alejandro Mora, from a tooth and a fragment of bone. The search for the other 42 continues.

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  1. December 10, 2014 20:25


    I enjoy your articles especially the fact that you send something when there is news not just bc you have to write something daily..

    This morning I was distractedly listening to Carmen Aristegui. She mentioned a video released in English that explains what is happening in Mexico specifically geared to the American audience.

    Do you happen to know where I can see this on the Internet?

    Thanks in advance,

    Teresa Beckett Cell phone 322.182.6976


  2. December 11, 2014 13:06

    Hi Teresa. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure which video Aristegui was referring to, but this English-language documentary by VICE is the best video I’ve seen about what’s been happening:

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