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Football legend Cuauhtémoc Blanco moves into politics to take on Mexico’s most violent city

February 13, 2015

Mexican football legend Cuauhtémoc Blanco has announced his imminent retirement from the sport in order to run for mayor of Cuernavaca, which was named the most dangerous city in the country earlier this week.

Blanco, 42, who currently plays for Puebla in Mexico’s top division, the Liga MX, revealed on Wednesday that he will step down from professional football on April 20 ahead of the Cuernavaca elections on June 7.

The short, balding but iconic star, who made his name at Club América, has enjoyed a long and successful career including stints with over half a dozen Mexican clubs and brief spells in Spain and the United States.

He appeared at three World Cups for the Mexican national team, including the France 1998 tournament where he drew international acclaim for his acrobatic goals and his eye-catching trademark trick that became known as the “Cuauhtemiña” or “Blanco Bounce”.

Blanco, who will represent the little known Social Democratic Party (PSD) if, as expected, he wins the March 7 primary, has already begun positioning himself as an anti-establishment figure.

“I haven’t voted for a long time because we don’t believe in politicians anymore… I’m not a politician, I’m running for you,” he said, upon announcing his candidacy in Cuernavaca last month.

In a colorful press conference, Blanco denied that he was running for money or publicity, denounced the incumbent Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) administration as thieves, and vowed to “help the people” so that Cuernavaca could “move forward”…

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