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Two million Mexicans have fallen below the poverty line in the last two years

July 30, 2015
With 74.7 percent of the population living in poverty, Chiapas remains the poorest state in Mexico.

With 74.7 percent of the population living in poverty, Chiapas remains the poorest state in Mexico.

Despite the passage of economic reforms that President Enrique Peña Nieto promised would bring new levels of prosperity to Mexico, the number of people living in poverty rose by two million during the first two years of his administration.

A report released by the National Council on Social Development Policy (Coneval) last week showed that the number of Mexicans living in poverty rose from 53.3 million in December 2012 – the month Peña Nieto took office – to 55.3 million in late 2014.

Today, 46.2 percent of Mexicans live in poverty, almost half the population…

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  1. July 31, 2015 04:20

    You have a great talent in writing of many aspects of Mexico, EPN and current and increasing poverty seems to not benefitted from that talent. The EPN team has compassion and expertise directed at alleviating systemically impoverished conditions. If you could write that EPN and team was not genuinely addressing the problem I’d be interested to see your reference of facts. In fact the pledge to reforms, hydrocarbon, communication – broadcast, education, electoral etc. are what is needed in the direction of improving impoverished conditions. Yes $50 per barrel oil does interfere short term with Mexico’s pathway towards poverty reduction. Blame the world, blame market spurts in supply and demand, blame international cartels but blame EPN and team, not so much… Please look at BRIC’S nations and their current setbacks. Your talent, your very artful use of language deserve to be matched up with some improved perspective to the positive intent, compassion and talent being applied by the EPN team.

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