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Inside the Mexico City market that serves lion steak and tiger burgers

September 9, 2015
Los Coyotes sells lion and tiger burgers for 100 pesos ($6) each.

The Los Coyotes stall in the San Juan market sells lion and tiger burgers for 100 pesos ($6) each.

Perched beside me on a plastic stool in Mexico City’s San Juan market, Francisco, a pensioner from the nearby town of Amatepec, is chowing down a plate of skunk meat.

“I’ve tried everything: armadillo, iguana, turtle, snake, you name it,” he tells me between mouthfuls, “but skunk is my favourite. I used to hunt them out in the mountains but it’s been years since I last ate it.

So what does it taste like? “It tastes like skunk. You can’t compare it with anything else. Every meat has its own distinct flavor,” Francisco replies.

As appealing as skunk sounds, I’ve come here in search of two even more unusual meats: lion and crocodile…

Click here to read this article in full at VICE Munchies. 

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