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This Mexican restaurant literally serves the world’s fastest food

October 20, 2015
Waiters at Karne Garibaldi once laid out full spread in 13.5 seconds.

Waiters at Karne Garibaldi once laid out full spread in just 13.5 seconds.

Take a seat at Guadalajara’s Karne Garibaldi restaurant and you will barely have time to admire the bright murals of local landmarks and mariachi musicians that adorn the walls before a steaming plate of carne en su jugo (literally “meat in its juice”) is placed before you.

A local institution, Karne Garibaldi holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest ever food service, with the waiters laying out a full menu in just 13.5 seconds on August 31, 1996.

“It began as a game between the waiters to see who could bring the food to each table the fastest,” Daniel Flores, the manager of the largest of Karne Garibaldi’s six branches, told me as his staff brought out a full spread. “That competition led to us attempting the Guinness Record.”

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  1. October 18, 2021 15:08

    Sin un restaurante limpio, el restaurante no debería estar abierto en absoluto. Asegúrese de que tu servicio y área de comedor estén limpios en todo momento. Tiene que estar tan limpio, que se pueda comer en el suelo.

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