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This murder has exposed the dark side of Mexico’s hacking community

December 10, 2015
Raúl Robles was a controversial figure among the Mexican hacker community.

Raúl Robles was a controversial figure among the Mexican hacker community.

Raúl Robles, a prominent Mexican hacker and cybersecurity expert, was eating breakfast with his father at a quiet café in a leafy neighborhood of the western city of Guadalajara when a masked gunman walked in and opened fire. Robles, 31, was reportedly hit five times and died at the scene. The killer escaped before police arrived.

The December 2 murder has shocked Mexico’s hacker community but it has also provided a window on a murky world of intense rivalry and mutual sabotage where the death itself was seemingly announced beforehand in an online forum.

Robles, a resident of Mexico City, had been the target of several threatening messages on Hispachan, a site for completely anonymous Spanish-language discussion that has proven popular among hackers since its launch in 2012. All the threats have now been deleted.

“I’m gonna kill this faggot!! I know he’s coming to my city and I’ll kill him here,” read the first threat posted in October, alongside an image of Robles…

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  1. xyz permalink
    December 12, 2015 04:54

    what we know (sources under):

    – alejandro torres aka. “torres crack”, the current associate of hacking mexico
    recently bought a gun, and posted it on facebook, after rauls murder he erased the post.
    (it is rumored the gun has the same caliber of the one that killed raul, 38 special )

    – Juan Angel Osorio aka “m4ku4z” a former associate of raul broke his friendship with him when he realized
    that raul spied on him. raul obtained AND POSTED sexual images of makuas cheating on his wife.

    – Miguel Salas aka “c0dersoul”, another asociate, broke with raul and threatened to kill him.

    This are not IT pros. all of this “hackers” had worked as criminal carders (credit card cloning)

    in mexuco Real IT PROs. are LAST DRAGON (whos real name is david rivero ) and PROFESOR X (Rodolfo H. Baz)
    and both had longstanding feuds with raul and company in the past.


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