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Viva México Podcast: Walls Can Fall

February 1, 2017

Listen to episode one of Viva México, a podcast by my colleague Stephen Woodman and I, featuring news and views on Mexico in the age of Trump. In this debut edition, Pedro Kumamoto, the first independent candidate ever elected to congress in the western state of Jalisco, tells us about his plans to reduce the public funding of Mexico’s political parties. We also discuss the impact of Donald Trump and the measures Mexico could take to defend itself against his threats.

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  1. February 2, 2017 12:32

    First and foremost I am for the advancement, betterment and qualitative enrichment of individuals, families, business opportunities and the society and economy of Mexico. I enjoy your podcast and newsletter and I find you inquisitive and mostly balanced. I have a preference for respect, graciousness and well informed accuracy alongside any statements made between individuals or nations. For consideraton: Isn’t there an aspect of Trump that is calling for the same political clean up and reform in the U.S. that Pedro Kumamoto calls for in Jalisco and the rest of Mexico? Is there reason for calm and patience and wisdom as to immediate cross border issues? – obviously on both sides but let’s take the case of Mexico. Mexico has 30 million plus obvious cultural allies in the USA, those of Mexican national birth or by lineage. The USA economy employs those parties who with their family ties with Mexico send $25 billion annually in remittances to Mexico families – not to the government of Mexico. The USA economy employs a national population that in turn uses their discretion to cause another leading economic benefit to Mexico, tourism income from the USA. These are just two leading examples as to how proposing adversity to the USA economy can result in adversity of an even more damaging effect to the economy of Mexico. If one considers these economic ties unfortunate then please consider the following: There is a majority population sentiment of good will towards Mexico and towards undocumented immigrants from Mexico in the USA and in both political parties. There is abundant successful cross border business and cross border social, human, personal dynamics occurring as we communicate in this forum. I’m challenged and I challenge all of wisdom and deep understanding of Mexico – USA matters. Let’s look at the true, larger, positive economic and social mutuality and find the way to bring that to the forefront. The Current “Negotiator in Chief” is using sometimes inferior word choice and cultural symbolism and yet is it recognized that he claims to respect Mexico for having out-manuevered the USA in nogotiations on trade matters. There is wisdom in the USA about Mexico and trade with Mexico. There is respect among a majority in the USA and intent to have an increasingly mutuallly beneficial economic and friendly relationship. Such sentiment resides on both sides of the political isle. The USA general population of today has a better educated population as to a relationship with Mexico than at any prior time. Mexico has no better friends than its true friends in the USA. Mexico has no more friends that its true friends in the USA. The USA friends of Mexico and their economic contributions will not be equaled or replaced from anywhere, perhaps complemented but not equaled. A little more time, some perspective, some wisdom coming from both sides of the border can lead to a better resolve than what is indicated by some current daily headlines and tweets. Viva Mexico!


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