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Mexico hopes its famous chorizo can win over Donald Trump

August 21, 2017

Founded by a Spanish refugee, La Vaquita Negra del Portal is one of Toluca’s oldest chorizo vendors.

When Barack Obama visited the Mexican city of Toluca for the North American Leaders Summit in 2014, he lamented that he didn’t have time to try the “legendary” local chorizo.

“Hopefully next time I stop by, I’m gonna be able to have some of that,” Obama said as he thanked his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto for his “extraordinary hospitality”.

Relations between both countries have since deteriorated, but Mexico’s government may have come up with a cunning plan to win Donald Trump over.

Toluca’s famous chorizo comes in many different varieties and is often enjoyed in tortas.

We know Trump loves a taco bowl, but could a taste of more traditional Mexican cuisine change his mind about his southern neighbors?

Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, thinks so. “We mustn’t lose hope,” he joked ahead of the NAFTA renegotiations that began last week. “President Obama never tried chorizo from Toluca, but we can offer it to President Trump.”

With Mexico’s future prosperity seemingly hanging in the balance, I decided to visit Toluca to find out why its chorizo is the source of such great national pride…

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