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Mexican drug brats flaunt wealth and status via social media

February 26, 2014

Heavy_weaponry (Twitter)

Most kids might decide to keep a low profile if their parents were among the world’s most wanted criminals, with multi-million-dollar rewards hanging over their heads.

Not in Mexico. The offspring of Mexico’s most infamous drug lords seem to believe they are above the law and have no qualms about plastering social networks with evidence of their lavish lifestyles and ill-gotten gains.

Born  with silver-plated AK-47s instead of silver spoons, several narco juniors have taken to the web in the last year to flaunt their untouchable status and seemingly endless supplies of drugs, guns, girls and sports cars. However, a string of recent arrests, including that of legendary kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, suggest such brazen behavior is finally beginning to catch up with them.

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Chino_Antrax_Paris_Hilton (Instagram)

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