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Global outrage grows over Mexico’s missing students

October 10, 2014

United in horror and rage, thousands of students, academics, human rights groups and other elements of civil society came together this week to condemn the disappearance and likely murder of dozens of students in Mexico.

As previously reported, 43 students went missing after police attacked them two weeks ago, killing six unarmed civilians and wounding another 25 just outside the town of Iguala, in the southwestern state of Guerrero.

After a week-long search, using information given by detained suspects linked to local organized crime, state authorities exhumed 28 bodies from six freshly covered graves near Iguala last Saturday.

Forensic experts said it could take weeks or even months to identify the badly burned bodies, but several members of the local Guerreros Unidos drug gang who are now in custody confessed to taking 17 of the students to the site where the graves were found.

Dismayed by the government’s inability or unwillingness to locate the missing students, hundreds of unarmed vigilantes swarmed into Iguala on Tuesday to help look for them. The vigilantes, who banded together last year to defend their rural towns from drug cartels, said they would do a door-to-door search of the area.

But on Thursday, Mexico’s Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam announced the discovery of four more mass graves filled with charred bodies, likely those of the other 15 students…

Click here to read this story in full at Latin Correspondent.

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