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Mexican parents wait for news of 43 missing students following mass graves discovery

October 12, 2014

Mario Cesar Gonzalez found out that his son was in danger when he received a midnight phone call from one of his classmates. They had been attacked in the state of Guerrero, in the south-west of Mexico. Mr Gonzalez immediately made the 11-hour journey to the town of Iguala, where the incident had occurred.

“I arrived that morning. It was a really ugly situation and I felt shattered. Three students had been killed and several others were injured, some of them in a very grave condition,” he told The Independent on Sunday.

In total, six civilians died and at least 25 were wounded. One student was found with the skin stripped from his face and his eyes gouged out. Another 43 remain unaccounted for, including Mr Gonzalez’s 22-year-old son, Cesar Manuel, who was last seen being bundled into a police car.

The entire country, if not the world, watched with mounting horror and dread last week as investigators uncovered mass graves, one filled with 28 charred remains. Four more mass graves containing burned bodies were found on Thursday…

Click here to read this future in full at The Independent.

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