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Conflicting stories and more mass graves, but still no sign of Mexico’s missing students

October 31, 2014

Five weeks since they disappeared, the fate of Mexico’s 43 missing students remains a mystery. The investigation has been characterized by a lack of urgency and transparency, while a whirl of rumors and contradictory statements have left the public with little sense of what to believe.

One of the only constants has been the seemingly endless stream of mass graves uncovered in the southern state of Guerrero. Thirteen corpses were exhumed from the most recent site in the town of Ocotitlán on Wednesday.

The reaction in Mexico has been one of overwhelming public anger. Meanwhile, the story continues to make waves around the world, with Pope Francis praying for the missing students and the White House declaring this week that “reports of the situation are worrying.”

President Enrique Peña Nieto met for five hours with the parents of the missing students at Los Pinos, his official residence in Mexico City, on Wednesday evening.

We’re living a nightmare,” one of the parents told the press after the meeting. “We’re desperate but we’re not going to tire until we find them.”

Click here to read this story in full at Latin Correspondent.

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