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Masked gunmen abducted and pistol-whipped Uber drivers in Guadalajara

August 8, 2015

From the streets of Paris and Brussels to Mexico City, Uber drivers the world over have come under attack from irate taxi drivers in recent months.

But few, if any, outbreaks of violence have been as extreme as in Guadalajara on Wednesday night, when masked gunmen assaulted and abducted several Uber drivers and then stole their vehicles.

Jose Eseverri, Uber’s chief spokesman in Mexico, confirmed to VICE News that five Uber partners were attacked in separate incidents close to Guadalajara’s international airport between 11pm and 12:30am on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

Wearing masks and carrying handguns, the five assailants demanded to know the locations of other Uber drivers and proceeded to pistol-whip several of the victims.

According to Uber, the attackers took four of the drivers hostage aboard their own vehicles for approximately an hour before dumping them on the outskirts of the city and driving off in the stolen cars. The attempted theft of the fifth victim’s car was thwarted by the vehicle’s security features…

Click here to read this story in full at VICE News.

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