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Half a million pilgrims flock to Mexico’s Luz del Mundo church

August 12, 2015

Inaugurated in 1992, the Hermosa Provincia Temple stands 270 feet tall and seats 12,000 worshippers.

Out of Guadalajara’s working-class Hermosa Provincia neighbourhood rises the 270ft Hermosa Provincia Temple. It is, for millions of devotees, a stairway to heaven.

This week, half a million religious pilgrims from 53 countries will descend upon the Mexican city to celebrate the birthday of Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez, the deceased founder of the little-known Christian denomination Luz del Mundo (Light of the World), a colourful institution with cult-like leaders that was founded in 1926.

With grandstanding architecture and a growing global reach, Luz del Mundo is a Pentecostal church that claims five million members worldwide. Inaugurated in 1992, the 14-sided Provincia Temple is formed of seven blindingly bright white and gold layers, each meant to symbolise steps towards the perfection of the human spirit…

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A Luz del mundo devotee prays inside the vast Hermosa Provincia Temple.

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