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Activist who led search for missing students is found murdered in Mexico

August 13, 2015

Almost a year on from the forced disappearance of 43 students in southwest Mexico, an activist who helped lead efforts to find them has been brutally murdered.

Police in the troubled state of Guerrero found Miguel Angel Jimenez Blanco’s bullet-ridden body in the taxi he owned near his hometown of Xaltianguis on Saturday night.

Jimenez, 45, was a prominent activist who organised community search parties to find missing people, including the 43 students who disappeared and are believed to have been massacred near the town of Iguala last September. He was a vocal critic of the local authorities, whom he accused of hiding evidence related to the case.

Jimenez also led one of many community police groups that have sprung up in rural Mexican towns in recent years in response to the threat of violent drug cartel and the lack of protection provided by the government.  In a tribute video posted online after his death, he confirmed that he had been receiving death threats as a result of his work…

Click here to read this article at Latin Correspondent.

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