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Leaked documents reveal Mexico ignored warnings prior to El Chapo’s escape

November 26, 2015

The Mexican government ignored clear warnings that the nation’s most notorious criminal, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, planned to escape from the maximum-security Altiplano prison long before his eventual flight in July, according to an in-depth investigation published this week by Mexico’s Proceso news magazine.

Federal authorities failed to prevent Guzmán’s escape through a mile-long tunnel leading out of his cell on July 11, despite receiving a constant stream of information about the Sinaloa Cartel boss’ activities while behind bars, according to intelligence reports leaked to Proceso through the WikiLeaks-style whistleblowing platform Méxicoleaks.

Insight Crime, a site that monitors organized crime in the Americas, noted that the leaked information points to one of two possibilities: “a massive institutional failure to act on intelligence or corruption that reaches even higher up the chain than previously suspected.”

Click here to read this article in full at Latin Correspondent.

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